Swords in the heart of Paris

Paris in 1835. The City of Light is whispering a name: the name of a young swordsmith, who claims he can forge the most exquisite, delicate blades, at the dizzying pace of six per day. Piqued in their pride, his peers decide to come see for themselves. That day, before their astounded eyes, in a blaze of fire and magnificence, the swordsmith sculpted six divinely, perfectly executed blades.

The legend was born. They named him “Six Lames”, as in “six blades” in French, pronounced… SillamAs the family turns to fine jewelry in 1910, the great talent of Sillam gave birth to a great lineage of fabulous goldsmiths.

The secret of the original Six Blades keeps on living in the house today, and remains well kept. Secrets? Our house has plenty. Therefore, like our legendary ancestor, we think any great legend is always built with mystery. Moreover, this is the same for every woman. What makes a woman more desirable than a mysterious “je-ne-sais-quoi” that everybody feels, but nobody can explain?

At Sillam, we are convinced that women need a little twist to make their everyday life less ordinary: an unexpected party where everything is possible, a conventional dress that surprisingly reveals the skin on one side… With this philosophy, we create jewelry to enable women go from ordinary to legendary and from boring to much more. We help them spice up their days and their nights and not being afraid of the unknown of their own mysteries.

Our pieces are unique and made for women who want to build their own legend.
Blason Sillam