Swords in the heart of Paris

Paris, 1835. The City of Light whispers my name. I am a young swordsmith, forging six exquisite blades per day. My peers, piqued in their pride, come to see. Before their astounded eyes, I sculpt six perfect blades in a blaze of fire.

The legend was born. They named me “Six Lames” – Sillam. In 1910, my family turned to fine jewelry. My talent birthed a lineage of goldsmiths.

The secret of Six Blades lives on, well kept. Secrets? Our house has plenty. Like my ancestor, I believe legends are built with mystery. What makes a woman more desirable than a mysterious “je-ne-sais-quoi”?

At Sillam, I believe women need a twist to make life less ordinary: an unexpected party, a dress revealing skin on one side. With this philosophy, I create jewelry for women to go from ordinary to legendary, from boring to extraordinary. I help them spice up their days and nights, embracing their mysteries.

Our pieces are unique, made for women who want to build their own legend.

Blason Sillam