Green Suite

What is more powerful, yet mysterious than an emerald?This stunning set of profound green gemstones will enhance your aura with an enigmatic flamboyance.

Earrings Green Suite

4 Emeralds 19,29ct
76 Emeralds 6,22ct
72 Diamonds 4,10ct G/vs
18K White Gold 19,18Gram


Necklace Green Suite

16 Emeralds 59,57ct
265 Emeralds 23,28ct
170 Diamonds 9,57ct G/vs
18K White Gold 53,92Gram


Kissing Crocodile

Did you say wild? This silver crocodile is making a feast of this most refined set of pearls. No wonder why you are catching everyone’s eye…

Necklace Kissing Crocodile

29 Tahitian Brown Pearls
392 Brown Diamonds 8,59ct
18K White Gold 10,50 Gram

Pendant Crocodile
1702 Brown Diamonds 31,87ct
2 Tsavorites 0,11ct
18K White Gold 90,49Gram



Earrings Kissing Crocodile

509 Brown Diamonds 5,03ct
18K White Gold 27,46Gram


Bangle Kissing Crocodiles

1756 Multi-Colored Diamonds 36,06ct
4 Tsavorites 0,20ct
18K White Gold 138,28Gram



Ring Kissing Crocodiles

436 Brown Diamonds 4,41ct
18K White Gold 3,52Gram


Brooch Crocodile

2402 Brown Diamonds 46,53ct
2 Tsavorites 0,11ct
Rubies 1,83ct
18K White Gold 98,87Gram




With both your ears set in diamond-made waterfalls, you are the magnificent swan of the party.

Earrings Cascades

116 Diamonds 17,20ct G/vvs
18K White Gold 25,65Gram



Feeling cocky? You can. These astounding plumes made of very articulate titanium and flawless diamonds will make an unforgettable impression and get you all the attention you deserve.

Peacock earrings

10 Diamonds Marquise-Cut 0,63ct
2 Diamonds Pear-Cut 0,14ct
8 Diamonds Princess-Cut 0,29ct
2 Diamonds 0,23ct
780 Diamonds 8,98ct

Length of earrings approx. 9,5cm


Iconic Pieces

Behind every Iconic Sillam Piece there is a timeless story, which you can feel and tell while wearing. Temptation, naughtiness and provocation are not necessarily at first sight but they will certainly make YOU be the icon.

Bangle Snake

1738 Brown Diamonds 56,67ct
Tsavorites and Rubies 
18K White Gold 140,40Gram


Ring Champagne Cork Pink

331 Natural Pink Diamonds 12,46ct
60 White Diamonds 0,21ct
18K Red Gold and White Gold


Ring Strawberry

580 Rubies 16,29ct
63 Tsavorites 1,45ct
18K Red and White Gold


Ring Red Mouthful

442 Rubies 4,51ct
18K Red Gold


Ring White Mouthful

441 Diamonds 3,54ct G/vs
18K White Gold