Are you a woman of high expectations? Good, because these two styles of rings in 18Kt white gold are made of perfect diamonds. In addition, the two sizes of earrings can be worn up or down the ear lobe and as single or double brooches. Yes, they totally adapt to your desire.


Endless Love

Don’t we all seek love eternally? This timeless and symbolic collection will shatter hearts. Available in 18Kt yellow or white gold, with or without diamonds.


La Tour de Gustave


Words of Prophecy

Don't you also believe in the power of words? Predict of what will happen to you or your loved ones in the future and protect yourselves with positive sayings.

 Bracelets available in either 18Kt white, yellow and some in red gold.



‘He loves me, he loves me not…’ Gazing at those flawless and delicate white petals and fancy yellow diamonds is the best way to pass time, thinking of everything he probably will never get about you.


Pixie Dust

Prepare to shine like the Evening Star. These stud-earrings will brighten day and night and make you sparkle with charisma.

Available with flawless diamonds, 18Kt white or yellow gold and in three different sizes.