Expertise & Confidence

Trust and professionalism are the foundation of our craft. In our workshop, we follow every standard of quality, labor and valuation as transparently as possible.

Through an exclusive frame, we offer our customers a glance behind the curtains of haute joaillerie: diamonds, colored and semi-precious gemstones, antique jewelry and the handcrafting of new pieces are always on display.

We work closely with our professional partners, in order to utilize their expertise in special gemstones, antique collectibles, rare metals, technical specifications and gemstone valuations.

At all times, goldsmith masters and gemologists oversee every aspect of our workshop’s activities.

We gladly arrange certification on the stones used in our workshop from GIA, IGI, EGL, HRD, GLA and GSL.



Four Seasons Hotel George V
31, Av. George V
75008 Paris
Tel. +33 (6) 18 35 88 88





The Residency Experience
8460 Santa Monica Blvd
CA 90069
Tel. +1 (323) 6520359

by appointment only


Hong Kong

Room 811, Level 8, Tsimshatsui Centre 66 Mody Road
Kowloon                                               Hong Kong
Tel. (852) 3580 1159

by appointment only